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    The Lighthouse - Movie Trailer



    Phosphorescent "Muchacho" - 2013 LP

    At 25 yrs. old there could have been worse places to be stuck.  I woke up on a balcony my 10th day in Tulum, Mexico.  The sides of my mouth were foamed shut by dehydration.  My body trembled from too much tequila and horror was thick as fog.  Completely out of cash, no phone, and no return ticket.....You could say I was fucked.  Weeaaaal bad.  The point of the trip was to "get away" isolate and create.  I took it too far.  So far that I might not come back....or when I did I would not be the same.  The greatest artists struggle.  The struggle is as important to art as the brush or the guitar to a musician.  The artists that persevere through the struggle come out the stronger artist.  In 2011 after a massive tour Phosphorescent was burnt out.  He came home to Brooklyn only to find he'd lost his apartment and studio.  The following Sunday he booked a ticket to Tulum, Mexico.  When he returned he brought Muchacho.  An album that is a departure from his usual country fried rock twang.  Muchacho is more of an exploration into the surreal/Americana meets electronica/chant.....Simply one of the best albums you will hear in 2013.  It's a masterpiece:


    Phosphorescent "Muchacho's Tune" mp3

    Phosphorescent "The Quotidian Beasts" mp3