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    Futurebirds "Megachills" Music Video

    My new music video for Futurebirds premieres on My Old Kentucky Blog today:



    "The Chamber" Multimedia Installation Promo Video

    The Chamber A Multimedia Installation By David Phillips with Music By Bill Baird from David Phillips on Vimeo.

    My new installation, The Chamber, will be on display this Friday and Saturday during the Pancakes and Booze Art Show.  I am thrilled to have one of my favorite musicians provide music.....Bill Baird of the Austin band, Sunset.....Come on down and get a drink......and some pancakes.

    Press Release:   

    "The Chamber" - Art Performance and Installation by wino-strut with music by Austin legend Bill Baird
    .  The Chamber examines the isolation of creativity while holding a mirror to the current state of the art market.  The Chamber challenges patrons to ask the question, "Is this art?"  The Chamber is a multimedia experience in which abstract painter David Phillips (wino-strut) will remain blindfolded in a plastic room on display in front of guests, while the music of Bill Baird is played through headphones with a monitor displaying visuals.



    "In the Dead of Night" by David Phillips



    David Phillips at the Downtown Art Center Gallery Los Angeles Aug. 



    "A New Beginning" - Mixing Paint and the Final Product