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    Elvis Presley "That's All Right " - random great song



    Psychic Ills "One Track Mind" - 2013 LP

    My last visit to New York someone threw me two pills.....A cab screeched to a curb and a staggering blonde hipster reached out her skinny arm.....Being a concerned citizen I examined the pillz....I had a choice.  Take the pill in my left hand or take the pill in my right.  Not known for moderation, I took them both.....The next 6hrs my eyelids weighed a ton, moments of fright, moments of pleasure, and all chop full of blissful terror....I imitated a zombie on the sidewalks, searching for the girl.  I found Hennipin's, Camel Lights, and dingy Irish bars.....Pretty sure I stumbled into a Psychic Ills show.....that, or the city was blarring the album through the drains, manholes, and buildings......Sacred Bones Records has a helluva lineup when it comes to psych-rock.....So if you like 'la especial' mushrooms in your tea from time to thyme....Sacred is the label for you:


    Psychic Ills "One More Time" mp3

    Psychic Ills "Might Take a While" mp3




    Daughn Gibson "All Hell" - 2012 LP

    I woke up at 4am sweating....For a moment I had flashbacks of college waking up in the middle of night trembling from too much partying....Now that I'm older the fever is from a cold....A good 'ol fashioned summer flu.....I rarely get sick and it has been a while....This particularly strain is takes a lot to keep me out of my studio painting but today calls for fluids, pills, and lots of music.  I put on a new album I knew little about (thanks trav)......Within 30 seconds the music was transcending.....In my feverish state I exited my body for a sec....The sound was simply some of the best I've heard this year....Daughn Gibson was a 30yr old truck driver from Pennsylvania.  During his routes he became obsessed with country music.  Gibson's spin on the classic genre is extremely unique.  He is to country, what James Blake is for R&B (but better).  A contemporary spin on a classic sound.....So as the room spins and I'm curled up under numerous blankets at least my mind is driving a muscle car through the desert....scorpions scattering across the desert floor....hopping a train with Woody Guthrie....or many other visualizations that make up this albums unique take on the American fried dubstep/rock/gospel sampling elements/Elvis on acid/Roy Orbison on stronger pills/excellent:


    Daughn Gibson "Rain on the Highway" mp3

    Daughn Gibson "Dandelions" mp3