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    wino-strut "Hey Porter" - random great song


    Wonder Valley - Short Film


    Terry Allen "Cortez Sail" - random great song




    Leif Vollebekk "North Americana" - 2013 LP

    A lot of people have a job.  The type of job they go to for a certain amount of time everyday.  They do not own the company nor did they invent the product/service.  Someone is expecting to see results and quick.  All the while this person gets their own little slice of the pie.  A 401k, health care, and vacation. Some people don't have this type of job.  They said eff it and went for their dream.  The first person may sing in their car. The first person was good at some sports in high school buuuut life came along and hell you gotta make a livin', get married, and have kids.  The second friend doesn't get invited to every dinner.  You don't want to vacation with them.  They decided to roll the dice.  You gotta be a little off to do that.  It's a little selfish. A little ballsy.  And very stupid.  Nevertheless they wake up everyday and chase the dream.  Leif Vollebekk didn't have a choice.  He was born a musician.  He will certainly suffer for it the rest of his life.  The bright-side? He is the real deal.  A natural talent that verbalizes the struggle of being an artist to perfection.  I am very excited to see if he ever catches what he is chasing.


    Leif Vollebekk "Southern United States" m4a

    Leif Vollebekk "At the End of the Line" m4a


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