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    Bill Baird "Bourgeois Blues" - random great song/video


    Bill Baird - "Spring Break of the Soul" - 2013 LP

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    Bill Baird "Spring Break of the Soul" - 2013 LP Pre-Order

    My favorite indie artist Bill Baird is set to release "Spring Break of the Soul" in early 2013....If it's anything like Baird has ever done it will surely be incredible.....and even if it's different than anything he's ever done I'd bet it's pretty good too:


    Pre-Order here:

    Pau Wau Records


    Bill Baird "Career" - 2012 LP

    About a year ago I got a call from Bill...."I'm in Hollywood, I'm walking down Sunset, what are you doing?"  Well, anytime I get that call I drop just about anything...So after about an hour of shutting down the studio I hopped in my truck from Venice headed towards Hollywood....I couldn't find Bill....I drove all the way down Sunset past Silverlake.....After that point your between Chinatown and Downtown....Just as I was making a U-turn I spotted a long haired blonde dude with an arm full of records and leather patches on his elbows....He had been walking miles.....Bill hopped in and immediately started "What have you been listening too?"....After giving my normal response of hipster indie garage bands...Bill started to play me what I thought was a Captian Beefheart mixtape....Then his newest tracks started up....I had never heard him write this kind of music...It was unlike any music I had ever heard....We continued OUr journey back to my studio, looked at some paintings, then set out on the town in what I can only remember as some sort of blurred hybrid of Withnail and I or Fear and Loathing...Ironically, I dropped Bill off right where I found him....On Sunset Blvd......Now a year later with the songs mixed and complete "Career" is all of Bill's spectacular and groundbreaking:


    Bill Baird "Your Dark Sunglasses Won't Make You Lou Reed" mp3

    Bill Baird "Captain Brain" mp3


    BandCamp  (get the limited edition vinyl) (in 15 years of collecting it is one of my top 3 in packaging.....ever)